Ariana's Persian Kitchen - Delight in Authentic Persian Cuisine at Java Jills Slots in Dubai

Sep 19, 2021

Welcome to Ariana's Persian Kitchen, an oasis of culinary delight nestled within the vibrant and bustling Java Jills Slots. If you're looking for an extraordinary dining experience in Dubai, look no further. Our talented chefs invite you on an unforgettable journey through the rich and exotic flavors of Persian cuisine.

Savor the Flavors, Embrace the Culture

At Ariana's Kitchen, we believe that a great meal is much more than just food. It is an opportunity to create lasting memories, bond with loved ones, and immerse yourself in a different culture. Our aim is to transport you to the heart of Persia through our carefully crafted dishes, warm hospitality, and charming ambiance.

Authentic Persian Delicacies

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary culinary journey, as our skilled chefs combine age-old recipes with only the finest and freshest ingredients. From succulent kebabs and fragrant rice dishes to flavorful stews and aromatic saffron-infused desserts, every bite at Ariana's Kitchen takes you one step closer to the authentic flavors of Iran.

Signature Dishes and Chef Specials

Indulge in our selection of signature dishes that showcase the true essence of Persian cuisine. Try our mouthwatering Chelo Kebab, a heavenly combination of perfectly grilled skewered meat served with saffron-infused rice. For seafood enthusiasts, our Baghali Polo Mahi is a must-try - delicate fish served on a bed of dill and broad bean rice.

Don't forget to explore our chef specials, where our talented culinary team showcases their creativity and innovation. These ever-changing dishes ensure a new experience with every visit, always surprising and delighting even the most seasoned food connoisseurs.

A Dining Experience Like No Other

Exquisite Ambiance and Warm Hospitality

Step into Ariana's Kitchen and be transported to a world of elegance and charm. Our sophisticated decor and cozy lighting create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal. Our dedicated and friendly staff will ensure that every moment of your dining experience is nothing short of perfection.

Live Entertainment

Enhancing your dining experience, Ariana's Kitchen regularly hosts live entertainment, featuring traditional Persian music and talented performers. Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds while relishing the tantalizing flavors of your meal.

Private Dining and Events

Looking to host a special event? Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate gatherings in our elegant private dining areas. Our team will work closely with you to create a memorable experience tailored to your specific needs.

Book Your Table at Ariana's Persian Kitchen

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? Book your table at Ariana's Persian Kitchen today and let our passionate chefs and friendly staff cater to your every need. Indulge in the rich tapestry of Persian cuisine and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sugunan Thambiraja
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Oct 21, 2023
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Oct 15, 2023
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Oct 6, 2023
Brittany Grieve
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Oct 4, 2023
Rick Ylauan
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Sep 19, 2023
Marjorie Waldo
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Sep 18, 2023
Josh Corzine
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Sep 11, 2023
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Sep 8, 2023
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Sep 6, 2023
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Jul 6, 2023
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Jun 29, 2023
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Jun 22, 2023
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Jun 12, 2023
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Apr 8, 2023
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Apr 6, 2023
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Apr 6, 2023
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Mar 31, 2023
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Mar 2, 2023
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Jan 27, 2023
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Jan 25, 2023
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Dec 19, 2022
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